Lakshmi Sadala

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tutorial: Net Knots

 Net knots is nothing but a variation of detached buttonhole stitch, one more beautiful stitch from buttonhole stitch family. The stitch is ideal to fill  the large areas like flower petals.

To start, work buttonhole stitch from  the bottom of the design.
#. Take care to  work uniform loops and dont pull  the thread too tight.

Bring up the needle just above the first layer of buttonhole stitch.

  Now pass the needle under the first  loop of the  buttonhole layer which is just below the working thread and pull through.. take care not to pick the fabric.

first loop will be formed.
 Again pass the needle under the same loop and pull through.

one net knot is formed.
 Again pass the needle under the second loop of the previous buttonhole layer and pull through.
Pass the needle through the fabric and bring it up to the next line.
 Pass the needle under the loop of the preceding layer of the buttonhole stitch..
Once again pass the needle under the same loop and pull through. Repeat the same till you reach the other end. Now pass the needle through the fabric and bring just above
Repeat the same till you reach the other end. Like this you have to work to and fro till the design is completely filled.

 Once you completed  filling design, bring up the needle above the top layer of the design and pass the needle through the fabric of the first loop. Bring up the needle above the second loop and pass it through fabric in the second loop. Repeat till you reach the other end. This fixes all the net knots and filling looks neat
Now work the outline with chain stitch or stem stitch.

#. To work on irregular shapes you can add or skip the buttonhole loops as and when needed per the design.

you can see my project with this stitch  here.

Hope this tutorial helps you. If so drop a line and I will be glad if you share your experiments/projects with me here.

Have a  nice day..

Monday, 22 July 2013

New Chemanthi Stitch

I am happy to show you one more chemanthi  stitch variation. While I was playing with stitches I came out with this stitch which is completely new for me. Since stitch is a composite stitch I just thought to give it a simple name as new chemanthi stitch. Though this stitch looks perfect for flowers it can also be used  as border stitch.
First one is worked with perle cotton and the other with cone thread. I did a sampler on a hankie. May be I will work on some big motif but not on big projects like sarees in future because of my health condition..:(

Filling Stitch

Was searching for some filling stitches which I never used in my projects and liked these two. One is trellis and the other is detached buttonhole stitch.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Kashmir Work

This is one more half silk saree worked with kashmir work.

This is one more kashmir work worked on my daughter's shirt. I worked the same on back of the shirt also. Flowers are worked with long and short stitch.

You can find the design for the same here.

Kashmir Work

This is one of my favourite saree.. I worked  fly stitch as main stitch what we call it as kashmir work. It looks simple but very intricate work. You can see I couldn't complete the full work when come to the pallu part..

Kashmir Work

This is simple embroidery done on a half silk saree with 2 strands of silk thread.

Pearl Knots

This is the very first project which I did on a saree. The saree is puse silk saree and worked with 2 strands of silk thread. I worked totally 13 metres of border and 105 motifs all over the saree.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ricrac Rose

I have done this work on my daughter's gagra long back..

Magic Chain Stitch

One small design on  hankie with magic chain stitch..

Kundan Flowers

Few of kundan flowers I made ..

Embroidery Designs

Few of embroidery designs from my collections for your use. If you use them please link it back to my blog as I always like to see them .
for wheatear stitch

for fly stitch, whaetear stitch combined with lazy daisy or beads

for kundan work
kundan+fly stitch

for pachis stitch

for herringbone stitch