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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tutorial: Chemanthi Stitch

To begin with draw a small circle of  your desired size. I usually prefer a circle of I.5 cm diameter. As chemanthi flower have many petals you too can make as many petals as you like on a circle.
In this tutorial I have used 2 strands of silk thread.
NOTE: Whenever you pass the needle from the centre of the circle it should pass on the same point so that when flower complets a hole is formed in the centre of the flower like in the buttonhole flower.
In my video tutorial I have mentioned stitches like 1,2,3 and 4.
Each petal is formed with four stitches.

 Now bring up the needle from the centre of the circle and pass it through the fabric at point1 just below the circle say 3-4 mm below from the circle and bring up on a circle at point2.  This is stitch 1.
Now pass the needle  through the centre of the fabric and bring up the needle just above the centre say 3-4 mm. Keeping the working thread below the needle pull it through so that a loop is formed. This is stitch2.

Now pass the needle at point5 just below the circle beside the point1. and bring up at point6. Don't confuse here. Point2 and point6 falls on the same point. This is the stitch3.

Now pass the needle through the centre of the circle and bring up just above the centre like in the picture. observe the angle of the needle. This is the stitch4.
Here completes one petal.
start the second petal like in the picture.
second petal completed.
Note the direction of the needle while stitching the new petal..
Note the direction of the needle.

when last stitch is formed anchor the thread.

Here completes the chemanthi stitch.
Drop a line  letting  me know how many of you got the stitch so that it helps me to give new tutorials. If you got any doubts  while learning the stitch let me know I will help you. 


  1. This stitch is one of my favourites but I don't know whether I got it right.Have to see your video tutorial.I'd also tried this on a mirror.Hope to show it someday with your permission and at the same time linking back to this tutorial.

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  4. which one swarna..I did many variation..will try when possible for sure..

  5. thank u mam for this great tutorial ...this is helpful to work on my blouse .. see here..

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