Lakshmi Sadala

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Macrame Bangles: Recycle craft

After finishing thread wrapped and crocheted bangle I did macrame bangles which become my favourites..

thread wrapped, crocheted, macrame bangles

Crocheted and thread Wrapped Bangles: Recycle craft

I was very much fascinated by new found recycle craft with day suddenly it occurred to me that why not to use my threads to give bangles a new I put this idea in to action and I just love this craft..lot of new ideas came while doing them..since I had lot of bangles and fancy threads I created many of them to match with my daughter's dresses..

TAST: Chevron Stitch

These are pictures of chevron stitch play for Sharons TAST challenge..

TAST: Herringbone Stitch

Pictures of herringbone stitch done for the stitch challenge TAST 2012..

Fly Stitch: cushion cover

This is done for TAST when Saron give fly stitch for the stitch challenge..

Chicken Scratch Embroidery

I just love the chicken scratch embroidery. This is one more of my old works..

embroidery Saree:

This is also one of my old projects done on a is simple with chained creatan, cretan, stem and detached buttonhole(netknots)..