Lakshmi Sadala

Monday, 30 September 2013

Challah Work

Challah work/cherla work is called a ring knots is yet another beautiful stitch from knot stitch family.
I am showing 2 sarees.. On blue saree it is challah /cherla/ring knots work.
On pink saree it is cherla and french knots. Both the works are NOT DONE by me but with professionals on a aari frame. Working on cot like frame using special needle is called aari work which also called as maggam work.
In both the sarees ring knots and french knots are done by using 12 strands of silk thread.
Click on image to get bigger images.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Chemanthi Stitch Variation

When no design and stitch was finalised for my next project, it was boring sitting without any embroidery projects. So just stitched this motif for a  hankie with my favourite  chemanthi stitch and with my favourite colour combination. This stitch is one of the application of chemanthi stitch with little variation. When I stitched this motif I remembered  I did lavangam work on a white tusser kameez for my daughter very long time back. I did so many embroidery works, many were gone out of my mind as I have no pictures of them..:(.  It is almost  13 years I am doing embroidery.
This work is going to be my next project , small project but.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Lavangam Kuttu: Kurthi

Lavangam kuttu is one among the easy stitches suitable for the beginners. Though I made few samplers this is my first project with this stitch.
Lavangam means cloves in telugu language, may be it got the name as the stitch is in clove shape. We do lavangam kuttu in many ways using different stitches. Will show you few more lavangam stitches in my next posts. Here in this project I have used tailed daisy stitch for flowers.
I always try stitching with different colors and different threads and then pick suitable threads. You can see trials in the first picture shown below.
Simple is it not! you too try..I bet you will like it..:)


Tailed daisy stitch for flowers...
Pistil stitch for leaves...
Stem stitch for stems...

Crochet cotton threads for flowers
2 strands of anchor cotton threads for leaves and stem

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mogga kuttu: Kurthi

Here comes one of my favourite finished project.

Mogga kuttu, a combination of fly stitch and daisy stitch
closed feather stitch for neck line
stem stitch

2 strands of silk thread

Mogga kuttu: fly+daisy stitch

We fondly call it as mogga kuttu(bud stitch) as the stitch resembles the buds. This stitch is made by stitching 2 fly stitches face to face and daisy stitch within it. Lovely is it not?
The work on blue is a pure silk saree.
The other one is on top as you can see..

In the below picture you can see I have added one cutdana beads and one pearl within fly stitches.

Zigzag Stitch

My stitch play with zigzag stitch..few samplers are here..

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kutch Work

One more kutch work on a short kurthi.
Of late I am obsessed with kutch work it seems.
 Once the skeleton/base of the kutch work is done in right way it is easy to do interlacing part. Actually this part of the kutch work I enjoy most.
Scroll stitch, french knots, fly stitch, stem stitch are the other stitches used in this design.

For the neck and sleeves
 On  the border of the kurthi

This motif is on the back of the kurthi.

I bought few more plane cotton kurthis to do embroidery. In my next project I chose to do lavangam work. Tracing is done and I am testing the colour combination and the type of lavangam stitch which suits the design best.
I can not take big projects now as my lymphedema hand don't allow me to work for  more time. And I can not do without embroidery..:)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Pictures of the embroidery done on doilies which were sent by my kind blogger friend Gina from Australia..
She send many more stamped linens but could not complete them all..:(

You can see close up of the stitches here in my earlier post. For this doily I have used bullion knots, portuguese knotted stem stitch, buttonhole stitch,  bullion tipped daisy stitch and french knots

This is the second doily. For the flower I have used mogga kuttu ie fly+daisy stitch. For leaves I have used bullion tipped daisy stitch. Stem stitch and french knots are the other stitches.
 Fly stitch is for boxes and half anklet for border.
 completed second doily.

 I tried oyster stitch for flowers which is in red. But for the rest of the flowers I chose mogga kuttu. Leaves are done with oyster stitch. Stem stitch for stems.
For the boxes I selected buttonhole stitch.
French knots are done in the centre of the flowers. Stem stitch for stems.
This is the completed 3rd doily.

 For the 4th doily I have used french knots.
 I love the cute tiny leaves done with bullion tipped daisy stitch. Stem stitch is for stems.
This is the 4th doily.

If you were asked to chose your favourite which one you pick??

Satin ribbon Flowers

I made these small ribbon roses and tied them..this is one of the old work..

Fabric Flowers

Sometime back I made some fabric flowers using lining cloth(thin cotton fabric).

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Copy rights: Fed up

With so much hard work and enthusiasm we share many things in our blogs.
These culprits easily steals our blog  contents and earn and enjoy..shameless brutes.
How easily these people do all such an acts though I have added no right click in my blogs!!

Sometime back during my illness I found one more blog exactly like my old blog including all the pictures and text.
They just added one extra letter to my blog's name and to its header..really smart!!
To my surprise this accused blog have many followers and listed in many sites and enjoying  the traffic.
and this blog is having malware too. So I am afraid to open its pages fully to contact them..:(
Complained to DMCA but blogger is yet to respond..Earlier when same thing happened blogger acted immediately.

And many sites posting my blog contents without my permission. When I contacted them few responded and  deleted immediately and one is not responding at all. My blood is boiling..

I am not giving the links to these culprits sites thinking that it may cause unnecessary traffic to theirs which is no use to me instead they will get benefit.:(

This is one of the reason to close my old blog..these culprits really are spoil sports...

I don't mind if my works are featured but they  should give proper credits or link back to my blog posts.
I have few new stitches to show you but just postponing..:(

Monday, 9 September 2013

Vinayaka Chathurthi

After a long time it is a nice feeling to celebrate with family.
Another cloud passed by leaving me stay strong, and made me  to feel nice of my family members.
Since my disease was diagnosed things were not good.
Now I am OK though there are some side effects of surgery.

Few pictures of  celebration of Ganesha festival at our home..

 And please don't forget to vote for the cause. These young children come up with some solutions to the present political problems..your votes counts a lot to them. So please hit the vote button in the following link..