Lakshmi Sadala

Thursday, 27 March 2014

In N around new home

Nothing much about embroidery in this post. I have started with new project. Transferring the design and selecting the threads was done. Started with Hungarian braid stitch but couldn't do much because I am enjoying the lovely surroundings around our new house.
Since we moved to the new house even I could not take much photoes  as I am simply enjoying the things around. But today could not resist to take pictures because since morning the humming birds coming to the windows and making so much noise. Even now three of them are in windows  looking through the windows and chirping. my hubby is saying they might be wondering looking at their reflections in the glass of the window. Lovely seen!!
As I said I couldn't take much pictures but posting few taken from others in the family.
through kitchen window

through son's room

beehive in jasmine plant

back of the house

lights seen are of Sreevari namalu @ galigopuram, Tirumala hills

daughter named them Laila majnu

Monday, 3 March 2014

Pachis Work: Kurthi

I did one more pachis work project on a kurthi material. You can see my earlier project here and here...
 pachis work on this design was cakewalk for me in my previous project but in my new project the same pachis work drived me nuts..this is all because of small design..a big relief after it  finished..
you can find the tutorial for this stitch here in my blog.

which design you liked most!?.. in this post or in this post..

Lavangam Work: Kurthi

On benarasi silk material I did pistil stitch with 3 strands of anchor cotton thread. For french knots I have used 6 strands of silk threads and 2 strands of silk thread for stem..This is for a kurthi..


I started this project for a pillow cover but after finishing the work I made it in to TV cover..:)..
I have used many stitches in this project.