Lakshmi Sadala

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Kutch Work: Kurthi

This is my new project with kutch work for a top. It took a  lot of time  to complete not only because the silk thread easily get tangled but also many a times I went wrong with basic rule (under over) of kutch work especially with the bigger design..relief at last..
Material: Pure Cotton
Stitch: all kutch work
Threads: 4 strands of silk thread

As usual click on the pictures to get bigger and better pictures..

for sleeves

Monday, 16 December 2013

Chemanthi Flowers(daisy stitch variation): Salwar

This is one more type of chemanthi stitch formed using daisy stitch. I fondly call it as Leela's chemanthi stitch. Leela whom i met in indusladies community in the year 2008 developed this beautiful stitch when I posted my variation of chemanthi stitch there. She is also the first person who developed new version of anklet stitch.
How nice it would be if like minded people at one place sharing and learning the new ideas!!

Material: Cotton
Stitches: variation of daisy stitch(chemanthi flowers) for flowers, feather stitch for leaves and stem stitch for stems
Threads: 2 strands of silk thread

Long and Short Stitch: Saree

This is one of my old work done on a saree.

Material: semi crepe
Stitches: Long and short stitch, herring bone stitch, stem stitch
Threads: single strand of anchor cotton floss for flowers and 2 strands of silk thread for leaves

pallu part

Feathered chain stitch

This is one of my old works done on a cotton material. I have used feathered chain stitch for the whole project. Stitch is easy and was completed in less time. I have used 3 strands of shaded anchor cotton floss matching with the colours of top.
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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Kutch work, Cable Stitch, Half Anklet Stitch: Saree Blouse

When my DD liked my kutch work saree blouse I thought to make one for her too. So here it is..

Half Anklet for star shaped flowers..I call it half anklet because the stitch is only half part of anklet stitch(muvvala kuttu).. the stitch is variation of cretan stitch.
Kutch work
and the stitch in blue is cable stitch
I have added stick kundans in the centre of the flowers.

Threads used are anchor cotton floss. How is it!?

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Knotted broken Chain Stitch

The idea struck me one day to use broken chain stitch as filling. I tried and it came out well.
In the below picture you can see the leaf is filled with broken chain stitch.
Then I tried broken chain stitch on horizontal bars but without piercing the fabric and loved  the outcome. I named it knotted broken chain stitch. Pictures of few trials are below. And of course later I did a project with this stitch.
Below the middle green part is knotted broken chain stitch done with cone thread. In the second picture red colour work is knotted broken chain stitch done with 4 strands of silk thread.

Net Work: Silk Saree

This work on my saree gave me full satisfaction(very rarely I am happy with my projects)..
Material -silk
threads-2 strands of silk threads
stitches-net work for main flower, balloon work for buds, stem stitch, long and short stitch for leaves and added beads and kundans.

There are totally 34 bunches all over the saree..
This is  one my favourite saree which I do like a did you like it!?

saree pallu

for pleats


Embroidery for Hankies

Some of the embroidery done for hankies which are done long back...

Bead Work

Some of my old bead works on sarees and dresses..