Lakshmi Sadala

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

In and around Home

This summer was horrible as usual in Tirupati. What I like most about summer is Jasmines. They bloom in summer only. This time In our new house we had plenty of them. All my stitching time went to pluck the buds and making garlands.

I can see numerous birds around home like cranes, sunbirds, mynah, humming birds, bulbul,drongo, koel, dove, babbler, kingfishers, parrots etc..It is very nice feeling to watch waking up listening to their chirping sounds. 
Enjoyed drongos making nest, hatching and feeding their young..
pictures were taken by my son..

 few more birds

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Chemanthi Stitch: Saree

It is almost 2 months since I post any of my new projects. Yesterday I completed simple project on a saree with my favourite chemanthi stitch. For borders I have worked medium sized motifs, for pleats big bunches and small motifs on the rest of the saree.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tutorial: Knotted broken chain stitch

On demand from my readers for the tutorial of the knotted broken chain stitch I am reposting it from my old blog which I have closed for the public since it was hacked and was giving problems again and again.
So far I have reposted almost all the main projects from my old blog. But skipped many of small works since it is time taking.. there were 300+ posts in my old blog. 

Here is the tutorial..hoe you can understand through the pictures..if any problem please ask me..

At present I am doing chemanthi stitch on a saree..I am travelling more these days and enjoying with relatives more so could not do much of embroidery..will post the pictures once it is completed..

Long & Short Stitch

I did this small motif with long and short stitch on a hankie..

Kutch Work: Saree Blouse

One more kutch work on a saree blouse..

Chain Stitch: Saree Blouse

I did this  design on a saree with simple chain stitch..I got this design from my  friend Sarika..

Saree Blouse

This is the stitch I developed while playing with josephina is not oyster stitch...I don't know the name of this stitch..I did this stitch with cone thread..

Closed base needle woven picot stitch

This is the sampler I made for Sharon's stitch challenge TAST..I made fuschia flowers with hte stitch..:)

josephina Knot: Saree blouse

I did josephina knot and long &short stitch for this saree blouse.