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Monday, 19 August 2013

Tutorial: Shisha work

Here I am posting simple way of doing shisha embroidery.  In my tutorial I have used square mirror. In the same way you can stitch  round mirrors too.

Stick the mirror to the fabric with fabric glue and let it allow for couple of minutes to dry. This avoids the mirror from slipping from your hands while stitching. Once you master the shisha work you can skip this step.
Take anchor cotton thread to stitch the mirror.
Bring up the needle at point 1 and down at point 2.
Again bring up the needle at point 3. Now slide the needle under both the threads(where the + shape is formed) so that knot is formed.

 Again bring the thread to the other side and slide under the threads and make a knot.
  Like this make knots on all four sides so that the mirror is fixed firmly. This is the foundation stitch.
 #. Foundation stitches should be very tight
Now poke the needle just below the mirror and slide under the foundation thread and bring it over the foundation thread.
 Then Bring down the needle and stitch one back stitch just next where you poked the needle below the mirror.
#.Dont pull the thread very tight.
One shisha stitch is completed.
 Again slide the needle under the foundation stitch, bring it down and stitch a back stitch very next to the first  back stitch.
This way stitch all the four sides of the mirror.
To anchor the thread, slide down the needle under all the thread and bring down under the fabric.

You can embellish more with kundans/stones or combine it with other stitch.
In my project I combine shisha work with long and short stitch flowers.
On my saree I fix the mirrors with rimzim thread.

Hope this small tutorial helps you..


  1. thanks for your idea

  2. After a long time i am visiting your blogs. they are very impressive. i can even tell u r the guru for my embroidery. very nice.


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