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Monday, 12 August 2013

Tutorial: Indian version of French Knots

While working with hoop this method of doing french knots is easy.

Earlier in my old blog I have given the same tutorial but I am not sure how many of you got this method of doing french knots
Bring up the needle on to the fabric.
Bring the working thread towards left hand side and keep the thread under your thumb.

keeping the thread under your thumb bring the needle under and over the thread so that the thread wrap around the needle, but don't pull the needle.
# you can repeat the under over of the needle to get  bigger knot.
maintaining the same tension of thread by keeping the thread under your thumb  slide your needle towards right side
 slide the needle towards where the thread emerged on the fabric
 and bring down the  needle through the fabric
one french knot is done.
here in my tutorial I have used 8 strands of silk thread.

 to do French knots  with sequins..

 Bring up the needle on to the fabric through sequins and repeat the above procedure.

Below are two of my french knot projects using sequins..

This is the video tutorial of doing french knots. Hope this video helps you ..


  1. hi, lakshmi, i am the beginer in this field. Your tutorials are very helpfull to me. But in your blog very few tutorials are available. .... please help me to study more. thank you . regards..... mini. (sosamma paul)

  2. thank you Lakshmi ... i hv taken this design ... when i do use it .. i wl credit it to you .. thanks again ... liked viewing you blog :)

    1. Thank you for your visit and appreciations Victoria..

  3. Great tutorial ! It is nice to see all the work that goes into just one step of completing one of your cute blankets.
    By the way, your sewing space looks pretty organized to me!

  4. These are super cute! I really love the colors and fabrics you chose - just the right combination!


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