Lakshmi Sadala

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Mogga Kuttu: A combination of Fly stitch and daisy stitch

This is my 5th project with the mogga kuttu which is a combination of fly and lazy daisy  stitch. You can find my earlier projects worked with this stitch on a saree blouse, kurthi, salwar and a saree.
I have selected the same design which was worked couple of years back; as the dress was given away. Though I have a full book of neck designs with this stitch i couldn't make new as it takes lot of time.

Material: semi crepe
thread: silk threads
stich for neckline: basket stitch..for the first time I have used baasket stitch and I loved it..did you too?

Actual colour of the dress material is quite  different from the pictures. In real it is nice double shaded blue colour.