Lakshmi Sadala

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Weaver Bird

Enjoyed the day watching flock of weaving birds come every 2-3 minutes and collecting the leaves to build  nests in nearby palm tree. Enjoyed watching them since morning through window. After I went outside to take the photographs they didn't come back,  but saw them collecting from other plants and continuing their work in building the nest..was lovely..

like to share from youtube how this bird build beautiful nest

Friday, 22 August 2014

Craft: Nail Polish Flowers

Tried nail polish flowers seeing the tutorial given in the facebook group 'fevicol hobby ideas' is very easy..

Monday, 18 August 2014

Navar Work

Navar work is one of the beautiful stitches with weaving technique. Stitch is simple but very tricky to stitch with silk threads.
Below is the paper clipping  which was published in telugu daily in the year 2001.

Below are the pictures of worked example from the design book I have..

Now I am working on the above design..My trials are going on to get perfect finishing..

This is the Rakhi I made this year with couching method..

Suggestions and comments are most welcom on my trials with navar work..

Monday, 11 August 2014

Knotted Broken Chain Stitch: Kurthi

This is one of my old works. I have done knotted broken chain stitch as main stitch in this project with cone threads.

Cone threads are like rayon threads having good sheen which are suitable to do brazilian embroidery.

 cone threads..2 threads in the right shows how they get tangled and...

this is the solution I found as how to store them..

you can find the tutorial for this stitch in my blog here..

These are the embroidery I did on kurthi..
 bullion tipped daisy stitch with anchor cotton stranded thread, french knots in the centre
 knotted broken chain stitch with anchor stranded cotton thread
 long n short stitch for small flowers
buttonhole stitch for leaves
 herringbone stitch for body part of butterfly, knotted broken chain stitch for wings

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mogga Kuttu(fly+daisy stitch): Saree Blouse

To match with the design on the saree I pick mogga kuttu for this saree blouse. Mogga means bud and kuttu means stitch. Since the stitch looks like buds locally we call it mogga kuttu. Actually the stitch is a combination of fly stitch and daisy stitch.
I have used 2 strands of silk thread for this stitch.