Lakshmi Sadala

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dimensional Embroidery

While browsing I found one interesting technique named comb embroidery. With that I got new idea to create dimensional effect just like comb embroidery. I have used threads instead of comb to create this.
I just did one butterfly and one flower. I have to work more on it to make the stitches perfect.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Double chain stitch: Saree..

This is also one of my old project done on a fancy plane saree..the stitch and the design was explained in a telugu news paper named vaartha.
Luckily I find the same design in an embroidery book published by vardhavep.
 I did the same work for my saree which I loved a lot..I have added cutdaana beads, german beads and stones as embellishment.



for pallu  pleats on shoulder

design on front 


Wheatear stitch: Saree

This is one of my old project with wheatear stitch done on a pure silk saree.. stones and beads are added as embellishments..


These are some more embroidery stitches done for the stitch challenge TAST conducted by SharonB in the year 2010.

buttonhole eyelet flower

rope stitch

fancy hem stitch

raised herringbone & portuguese knotted 

raised herringbone stitch

bullion buttonhole

beaded edebo 

beaded edebo

diamond stitch

knotted buttonhole

knotted loop stitch

Embroidery: Jute Bags

These are also my old works worked on jute is worked with ribbon embroidery and the other with applique using kalamkari patches.

Embroidery for Hankies

Some of my old embroidery works done on hankies
woven trellis stitch

long n short

pearl(Palestrina) stitch

long n short

fly stitch

net work

long n short

long n short

fly stitch

long n short

bullion stitch

rope stitch

shaded buttonhole stitch

spiked knotted cable chain stitch