Lakshmi Sadala

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Marigold Flower

I learnt to do marigold flower from my friend Sonie.
I did change the method of  couching   unlike her method.
Wool is used here.
I Also tried to do this flower with turkey stitch
I love these flowers can be used in making Rakhi/friendship bands etc..

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kalamkari Paintings

Some of my kalamkari paintings which I bought long time back. Many of them are used in patch work for saree and dresses.
The following are pen kalamkari works.

and these are some of the block printed kalamkari patches..

 below 2 are saree sets..border is about 9 meters and set of motifs..

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Kutch Work: Saree

At last I completed long pending project of kutch work on a saree.
Earlier I thought to work small motifs of chemanthi stitch in between the kutch motifs in the border. Maybe I will skip that part.
For small motifs for the body part of the saree I have added chemanthi work along with kutch work.
For the blouse too i have added chemanthi stitch.
For blouse I was confused in selecting the colours of threads. I tried three colours which are of my  of my silk sarees and finally selected red one.
The work on blouse is going on..did you like it!?
checking colour combination



on blouse to be completed

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tutorial: Woven cross stitch

This stitch is one of the easy stitch for the beginners.
You can find my projects  with this stitch here and here.

To begin with work one regular cross stitch.
Bring up the needle at point A', down at B' and up at  point C', down at point D'. One cross is formed.
Now bring up the needle at point A' and Down B'. Here the stitch sits on the previous stitch. In this picture I just pull the thread to show you.
 Now bring up the needle at point C'.
Before your thread going down at point D pass the thread under the previous stitch like in the picture. This is where exactly the weaving starts.
 So one woven cross stitch is formed.
 Now on the under over process continues as in regular weaving.

Woven Cross Stitch: Kurthi

Woven cross stitch is one of the easy stitch for beginners..
I did one more project with woven cross stitch on a cotton material.
The material had checks on it so saved me from drawing designs on the fabric.
 I have used anchor cotton thread and the design picked from my cross stitch design book.

Applique work with Kalamkari paintings

I bought unfinished kalamkari paintings at kalahasthi for embroidery. But I did applique work instead on a kurthi. I have used cutdaana beads to embellish it.

Fevicol Flowers

I did flowers with fevicol some time back. I took pictures while making them. Here they are..