Lakshmi Sadala

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pachis Work: Kurthi

When my DD asked me to do some embroidery for her plane kurthi(may be the first time she asked me) i felt happy and planned a project with mogga kuttu like the same one I did couple of years ago which was worn out now. So transferred the design by chaapa method. To my bad luck i did mistake by adding more kerosene so that the design got smudged and difficult for me to stitch. but still mange to stitch 2 bits and finally I gave up. Washed it and went for this simple pachis work.
you can find how to transfer the design on to the fabric by chaapa method in my blog.
Tutorial for this stitch was given here.
and my two old projects here and here.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Pachis Work: Kurthi

I did pachis work for a kurthi. Used 2 strands of anchor cotton floss. How is  it!?
I have given the tutorial for this stitch here..
you can find pachis work done on my tussar saree..
and on my mom's silk saree..

for sleeves

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Brazilian Embroidery and Dimensional Embroidery

These are some of the Brazilian embroidery which I did some days back..they all done with rayon threads.

click on the images to see bigger and clear images.
rope stitch for stems, leaf stitch, pistil stitch, bullion stitch
long n short, rope stitch, woven stitch
french knots, bullion stitch
double cast on stitch, french knots
pistil stitch, satin stitch,
pistil stitch, french knots

As I have no plans to work on a particular project and rayon threads are expensive comparing to cone threads I thought to add more Brazilian stitches done with cone threads. They are called as dimensional embroidery.

double cast on stitch, bullion stitch, french knots

bullion stitch, fly stitch

long and short, pistil stitch
cast on stitch, daisy stitch, stem stitch,

buttonhole stitch variation,

bullion tipped daisy stitch, french knots, bullion stitch, buttonhole stitch variation

daisy stitch, feather stitch, bullion stitch, buttonhole stitch variation

bullion stitch, french knots

bullion stitch, double cast on stitch

bullion stitch, french knots, double cast on stitch
bullion stitch done with cone thread
bullion stitch, daisy stitch, french knots

bullion stitch done with rayon thread

brazilian embroidery (orange) and dimensional embroidery(red) you find any difference? I didn't any

knotted cast on stitch, buttonhole stitch variation

knotted double cast on stitch, buttonhole stitch variation

buttonhole stitch variations
buttonhole stitch variation
knotted cast on stitch, long and short satin stitch, bullion stitch

To end this I draw a circle around them and did fly stitch. This is for my further reference about Brazilian embroidery

Final piece looks like this after removing and adding some more stitches..

Friday, 3 January 2014

Kutch Work: Kurthi

I did one more kutch work on a cotton material for Kurthi. Inspired by Sangeetha's kutch work in hand embroidery  group I did this. Sarika and Usha helped me with their designs. Thank you all..I have used 4 strands of silk thread for kutch work and 4 strands for herringbone stitch. And I did few flowers with chained cretan triangles(muvvala kuttu).  I am sorry the real colour of the fabric is not showing properly in the photoes.

for neck