Lakshmi Sadala

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Tutorial:Lavangam Kuttu

Lavangam kuttu is simple easy stitch best for beginners. Lavangam kuttu is telugu name where lavangam means clove and kuttu means stitch. This is one type of lavangam kuttu which easy one done using daisy stitch.
You can find worked project here. I am posting design for lavangam kuttu for you to work on.  hope it helps you..
draw a design like this on fabric

make a daisy stitch from other end of the petal..

..n insert the needle bit away towards the centre of the circle like in picture

one stitch is completed

make another daisy stitch beside the previous one n repeat..take care to make every daisy is in same size

2 stitches completed..depending on the size of the petal make 3 or 4 or more stitches

my old project

design for you

this is the extension of the above design. here I have made 3 stitches to fill the petal

At present I am working on a pure cotton  kurthi . Leaf and stem part is completed part is pending.. hope I will complet this project before this summer go..:)

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Mixed stitches: Saree Blouse

For this saree blouse I have used french knots, stem sitch, pistil stitch, kutch work, cable stitch, net work , net knots  and used single colour like in the saree..