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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tutorials: Pachis Work

Pachis work/Pachis kuttu is one popular stitch from Andhra Pradesh.
 The stitch resembles chikan scratch stitch.
This stitch is worked on squares and looks best when worked on  square of size 1cm .
Care should be taken in selecting the proper colour of the threads, then only it looks good.
Usually we use 2 colors of threads for this stitch which are contrast to the fabric and those 2 colours of threads should be in contrast colour to each other.
For your reference I have marked on a big square.

 Bring up the needle at point1
down at 2, up at 3 down at 4, up at 5 down 6, up at 7 and down at 8
and then a work a cross stitch on small square formed after you stitching the base.

I will show you stitching on a small square..Click on the picture to get clear and bigger images.

First step is completed..

Now stitch cross stitch on small square formed in the middle with other color of thread.

here completes one pachis stitch.

Then start with adjacent squares. Care should be taken while stitching now onward. You have to stitch exactly in the same points where 2 points meet. It is better you observe the below diagram. This is the standard pachis kuttu design. We can add creepers and leaves to this design or we can continue stitching the same design for saree borders/dresses etc.
When stitched perfectly like in the above diagram the patchis kuttu which is geometric shape takes beautiful flower formation. Sorry for the poor picture quality.

Since it is easy stitch, less time taking, less colors of threads I have stitched many sarees and dresses to gift my dear ones.
Here are 2 projects done on my tussar saree and mom's silk saree.

Here are few pachis work designs for you.


  1. Lakshmi Thanks for all the tutorials. I have voted for you in craftsy. You are the one who introduce this stitch to me. you can see my projects here:

  2. Hi Lakshmi,

    Nice tutorials .I really liked a lot and wanted to try . One doubt about that how to do embroidery in stitched saree blouse neck. that mean how to fix the saree blouse in embroidery ring to do embroidery.


    1. Padmavathi I use small is little difficult but we can manage..if you work for the neck line stitch extra cloth all along the neck so that you can fix hoop tightly to get the right tension of the fabric. after stitching is completed remove that extra cloth..presently I am stitching on a is almost completed..will try to take the pics and post in my next post

  3. Very fast reply and happy to see your quick response.And I am waiting to see the pictures. Really your different kind of embroidery work is nice and it makes me to do. I will also try in my saree and blouse.Thank you very much .

  4. I love your blue and yellow Pachis Stitch Flowers. They look like my favourite flower ... Forget-me-nots. Thank-you for the instructions. Marion


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