Lakshmi Sadala

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Kutch Work: Kurthi

This is my new project with kutch work for a top. It took a  lot of time  to complete not only because the silk thread easily get tangled but also many a times I went wrong with basic rule (under over) of kutch work especially with the bigger design..relief at last..
Material: Pure Cotton
Stitch: all kutch work
Threads: 4 strands of silk thread

As usual click on the pictures to get bigger and better pictures..

for sleeves


  1. Wonderful. you have chosen a lovely design to convert. they are apt for the neck line sleeves and the borders. the smaller versions look like kolams. A very good must have been tough to place the patterns in their proper place.
    sometimes when I forget to draw the whole design, I make it up by drawing with a pencil, even after finishing the work, it is possible.

  2. Thanks for your visit Chitra..I learnt kutch work very late and completely in love with doing all kutch my earlier posts for 2 different saree blouse I did convert the Ratham kolams to kutch work can find them in my blog..yes you are right ..I too learned to extend the designs directly on fabric with white pencils..thanks for the tip..


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