Lakshmi Sadala

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Peacock:My dream project

Until I saw rimzim threads I have no idea to work on peacock designs. I bought different colour threads but waiting for the suitable designs. once I requested in indusladies (an online community) there came a plenty of lovely designs from my friends which made  me more confusing as to which designs to select.
Finally fixed this design and studied many peacock embroidery done by others on net and also studied the photoes.

Roughly five colours of rinzim threads are used for feathers.  for peacock's body I have used 16 shades of silk thread. And I have used more than 20 stitches  in this project. For peacock's neck I have used stem stitch. The other stitches are chain stitch, broken chain stitch, detached chain stitch, open chain stitch, long n short, manipuri sttich, french knots, buttonhole stitch, bullion rose, tailed pearl knots, fern sttich, double chain stitch,herringbone, Portuguese knotted, open fish bone, leaf stitch, double feather,3 types of chemanthi variation, oyster stitch, tailed oyster stitch, S knots, lavangam etc..

I did this peacock for my niece. One peacock on kurthi and feathers here and there on the top and for sleeves.


  1. This really so very beautiful, dear Sadala!
    Blessings and best wishes to you from Mary.


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