Lakshmi Sadala

Friday, 8 November 2013

Kutch Work: Saree Blouse

I did one more kutch work on a saree blouse with 2 strands of anchor cotton thread..


  1. Hi Lakshmi,

    Happy to see your blog posts again. I have learned a lot from you at your older blog. Tried accessing it many times but it kept on saying bloggers confirmation needed.
    Hope you are feeling better and am confident that you will be in pink of your health. Because God( Sai) cant have anything but good in store for a person like you,who teaches so many things and visiting your blog is a stress buster,

    I am surely voting for you at Craftsy and Muvalakuttu and Chemanthi Kuttu are my favorite tutorials.
    I am voting for you at craftsy

    Wishing you the very best of health


  2. Thank you Prashanthi..i too feeling bad for closing my old blog but there was no choice since it was hacking again n taking pain to copy all the blogposts to old one(there are 350+ posts)..ya I am recovering fast with Gods grace..

  3. Beautiful work Lakshmi.

  4. Lakshmiji Glad to know that you are recovering.
    I was also searching for your blog and landed on this.
    I love this colour combination. It looks beautiful.
    Nice work. Keep it up.
    I pray to God that you keep on on with your creative work. People like me have learned a lot from you
    and your work is a motivation to me always.

    I am sorry, I could not contact you earlier as I myself was facing some personal and health issues.
    I lost your email id. There is also no contact mail on this blog.

    Can you please mail me to when ever you can?

    Ms Sharma

    1. Thanks a lott sorry about your health.i read abt it frm ur blog but could not respond as i was unable to type is ur health now..
      am ok now..recovered fast all because of elders blessings and affection and god's grace..
      u can mail me to sadalasatgmaildotcom..

  5. Hi Lakshmiji:

    Hope you ahave recovered fully. Wonderful to see you in action, again. The Kutch work is beautiful. Interesting to see that you have used two strands of Anchor thread. I have found most of your works in silk thread only . Which size thread is this? I am looking for a pattern as a big , rnning border for a silk saree. Will this look nice as a running border, have you tried?

    Meena K.

  6. Hi Lakshmiji:

    Great to see you back in action. Hope you have fully recovered. The design and your work are very beautiful. How would this look as a running border on a silk saree? I am planning to start embroidery work on a Kanchi silk saree, and hence this query. Interesting to note that you have used two strands of Anchor thread. Usually, you use silk thread, right? How is the different in look and while stitching?

    Meena K

    1. Thank you are so right tht i love to work with silk threads..with my experience I can say that anchor cotton floss is the best for kutch is easy to work with anchor threads..depending on the squares of the design i prefer 2 or 3 strands.. for me 3 strands looks best..currently I am working with 4 strands of silk is bit difficult .. works with anchor threads looks more appealing and more easy..
      I didn't tried as border..I think this designs looks better if worked on a plane saree..(i mean saree without border)..


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