Lakshmi Sadala

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pachis Work: Kurthi

When my DD asked me to do some embroidery for her plane kurthi(may be the first time she asked me) i felt happy and planned a project with mogga kuttu like the same one I did couple of years ago which was worn out now. So transferred the design by chaapa method. To my bad luck i did mistake by adding more kerosene so that the design got smudged and difficult for me to stitch. but still mange to stitch 2 bits and finally I gave up. Washed it and went for this simple pachis work.
you can find how to transfer the design on to the fabric by chaapa method in my blog.
Tutorial for this stitch was given here.
and my two old projects here and here.


  1. very pretty and love the turquoise and blue together Many many years ago when the girls were youngs (they are now 41 and 37) I made the 3 of us emerald green dresses and enbroidered them but that was on the machine, wish I had taken photos. that is the only embroidery on clothes I have done

  2. Nice to know is always nice feeling to see kids wearing the handmade ..more nice when they feel the love behind it..

  3. nice and beautiful work Lakshmi.good color combo.


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