Lakshmi Sadala

Thursday, 27 March 2014

In N around new home

Nothing much about embroidery in this post. I have started with new project. Transferring the design and selecting the threads was done. Started with Hungarian braid stitch but couldn't do much because I am enjoying the lovely surroundings around our new house.
Since we moved to the new house even I could not take much photoes  as I am simply enjoying the things around. But today could not resist to take pictures because since morning the humming birds coming to the windows and making so much noise. Even now three of them are in windows  looking through the windows and chirping. my hubby is saying they might be wondering looking at their reflections in the glass of the window. Lovely seen!!
As I said I couldn't take much pictures but posting few taken from others in the family.
through kitchen window

through son's room

beehive in jasmine plant

back of the house

lights seen are of Sreevari namalu @ galigopuram, Tirumala hills

daughter named them Laila majnu


  1. did not know that you had moved, some lovely photos, your birds are so pretty, here we get sparrows and blackbirds!

  2. Infact there are many more birds are seen.. i couldn't take the pictures..yes Margaret we moved to other house but in same place..

  3. Enjoying along with nature is so pretty. You are lucky enough to enjoy. Have a nice living in the new house. Along with pretty new stitches.

  4. Just stumbled on to your blog and I am loving it! So inspirational!!

    Can you sometime post picture of the sarees you have worked on while wearing them? It will give a great perspective of how the embroidery looks in the larger scheme of things.

    Again! Loving the work you have done.

    1. Thank you Archie..
      some of my friends asked for the same..
      problem is in many of the photoes embroidery is not seen much..if any they are group photoes..
      will ask my daughter to wear them and take photoes when she come here..

  5. Thank you Archie..
    Some of my friends asked for the many of the photoes embroidery is not seen much..if any they are group photoes..
    if i get any chance I wil ask my daughter to wear them and take photoes..
    In my profile picture the saree is embroidered one..

  6. Your new home has lovely views, and I can imagine the sounds of the birds as you stitch. May you have much happiness there.

    1. Tq Susan..yes i am so happy about or new home..


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