Lakshmi Sadala

Monday, 5 August 2013

Embroidery materials

These are the different type of embroidery materials from my collection...
today blogger is behaving crazy. I could not able to arrange the picture properly..                                                          
antique kundans which can easily be fixed on to the fabric by stitching

glass beads
wooden beads and mirrors

metal colour beads




pearls and cutdana beads

rayon threads,embroidered patches,rimzim thread 

stitch remover(yellow one inside the big hoops) is a must in your embroidery is easy to remove the stitches without damaging to the fabric
this is the picture of my saree in progress..this is the way I assemble  different embroidery materials while stitching..
# Always fix the fabric to the hoop in such a way that the screw comes to the left side so that we can avoid the thread struck with the screws while stitching

designs traced on tracing paper and holes pricked all along the design so that we can transfer the design on to the fabric by chaapa method..these papers are reusable

design books easily available in bangle stores/craft shops

pompon maker

different  embroidered borders available in market..some comes as set(9 meters) and some we can buy in meters ..easy job..:)


  1. wow..that's a good collection. do you use the thread spools in pic 18 for hand embroidery.

  2. DO you mean zari threads? if yes not much.they dont behave well to work with normal embroidery needle.
    And also i dont use much of the threads in the second and third row..

  3. You have a nice collection!

  4. A lovely demonstartion of all the materials which can be used for enhancing a project as well as the things needed for doing embroidery.This will be very helpful for everybody especially for a beginner.Thank you for being so thoughtful...

  5. Madam, I want to know where can i get that rings or cots for maggam work to do the designs for blowses. I am a tailor from long years but want to learn design blouses very fast. so trying for materials and did not found any good products. Please help. Thanks in advance.

    1. wooden hoops and plastic hoops are easily available ib all craft shops..if you are from bangalore look in raja market and if you are in chennai you can fins in raja thread store in ranganatha street Tnagar..


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