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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tutorial: Indian version of Long and Short stitch

I tried my best to explain this tutorial for long and short stitch on strawberry design.  I think pictures themselves are more explanatory. This method of long and short stitch looks good when worked with single colour.

Transfer the design  on to the fabric. here I have transferred the design by chapa method. I have chosen red and green colour for the strawberry and its leaf respectively. And pony's number 8 darner needle is chosen.
after deciding the stitch direction roughly draw lines on the design
start stitching from left side of the design. Bring up the needle at point A. Keeping the thread towards your left, pass the needle anywhere along the vertical line you have drawn and bring up at B'  Each time the stitch direction should be followed.
then pass the needle at point C and bring up the needle beside but little above the point A ie at the point D keeping the working thread towards your right.
Now pass the thread beside but little above or below the point B and bring up on the design.
When you pass the needle at the lower  part of the design your working thread should be towards your right where as when you bring up the needle at the upper point of the design your working thread should be towards your left. By stitching so the thread overlap on previous stitch and stitch sits neat.
Repeat stitching like this.
WHen the design go broader you have 2 stitch 2 steps of long and short.

Each time while stitching push the stitches sideways and insert the needle so that it will give more room for stitching. The stitches will be tightly packed.
fill the gaps with straight stitches.

leaves are stitched in different direction of long and short stitch
stitch few daisy stitch here and there on long and short stitch
Back of the long and short

completed long and short stitch.


  1. Excellent Laskhmi garu. I liked your version of long and short stitch (with no thread wastage unlike regular long and short stitch) and saved the link of your old blog. when i couldnt open it ,i didn't know how to contact you and posted it in indusladies. very luckily i landed here . if you have a video of this stitch can you please upload it . it will be lot easier to follow a video as it seems like a difficult stitch

    1. Thank you Sridevi..I dont have video on this design but have videos of leaves..sure will upload but need time because of my health condition ..

    2. Hi Mam,

      It is very attractive stich and also very easy to learn from your tutorial.

      Thank you,

  2. Very nice tutorial.The stitch is also neat.


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