Lakshmi Sadala

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Saree BLouse: Satin and Long n short

I have to admit that many a times my ideas goes wrong. This is one such experiment which could not give me satisfaction though my daughter said it is nice mommy!!!.

Need not to say this work is for my daughter. I bought the saree which is having geometrical shape prints all over the saree. My plan was to make satin stitch with all those geometrical shapes. I didn't plan any colour combination and just stitched.  After stitching one motif the stitches became loose  when the hoop was removed. I could not wash the other  prints because the design was made with charcoal powder by chaapa method. So I finished the other 4 motifs with both satin and long and short stitch.
 I think I never told you how I do satin stitch. I don't follow usual way of stitching  satin stitch. Will try to make a tutorial, probably after I copy all my old blog contents to this new one.

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