Lakshmi Sadala

Friday, 25 October 2013

Tutorial: Coin Work

 Coins are made with metals which come in different size and shapes. They are also called as antique kundans. Here I have used round coins in my tutorial.You can stitch  round mirrors in place of coins.
You can see my simple project with coins here.
 Putting the coin/shisha on fabric draw a circle around it.
(I have drawn one more circle to add further decoration to the stitch. so please ignore it.)
work chain stitch all along the marked circle. Take care to stitch uniform chain stitches.
Then bring up the needle from the centre of any chain stitch.
Start working detached buttonhole stitches through the chain stitches towards the centre of the circle.
after completing the half of the circle..
.. place the coin inside it like in the pictures and complete the circle.
I  skipped to add few more pictures of the tutorial as I am  uncomfortable with my pigmented nails showing in the pictures.

 Then stitch one more round of detached chain stitch and pull the thread tightly so that the coin is fixed firmly. This part is very important. If you want you can stitch one more round of detached chain stitch. To anchor the thread you slip the needle under the stitches and bring down the needle and anchor the thread.
You can decorate it with many other stitches. There are plenty of options to decorate a shisha.

Here I have used chemanthi stitch variation to decorate the coin.


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