Lakshmi Sadala

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kutch Work

One more kutch work on a short kurthi.
Of late I am obsessed with kutch work it seems.
 Once the skeleton/base of the kutch work is done in right way it is easy to do interlacing part. Actually this part of the kutch work I enjoy most.
Scroll stitch, french knots, fly stitch, stem stitch are the other stitches used in this design.

For the neck and sleeves
 On  the border of the kurthi

This motif is on the back of the kurthi.

I bought few more plane cotton kurthis to do embroidery. In my next project I chose to do lavangam work. Tracing is done and I am testing the colour combination and the type of lavangam stitch which suits the design best.
I can not take big projects now as my lymphedema hand don't allow me to work for  more time. And I can not do without embroidery..:)


  1. lovely embroidery you put me to shame I just buy my clothes ready made, mind you i used to make my own but only once when the girls were young did I make us matching green dresses and machine embroidered them around the neckline and hem, not sure if we ever wore them it was years and years ago

  2. MArgaret embroidery has become a part in my life since 13 years..earlier I used to read a lot. But now even magazines are piled up..

  3. Beautiful lakshmi. I am also a lover of kutch work. If I was not able to do some embroidery in a day I will go mad. It makes me to relax my mind and gives a satisfaction as a stay at home mom. My kamal kadai saree is Nearing completion. On all my big projects your projects are an inspiration and I miss your old blog very much.

  4. You dont worry Shami..I will add all my old works here..some more time I need.old blog is hacked it I told you someone has blog with my blog's name including the heading..they have just added one extra letter to the blog. google is responding by deleting the links..but the blog is still there with the same name and the posts..

  5. Hi Lakshmi...I am sindhu. My user id in indusladies forum is rsindhuja,hope you remember me.Wow.. neat kutch work. Loved it.Missed you a lot.

  6. Thank you Sindhu..nice you have a blog..will go through it leisurely..

  7. hi laxmi, iam mini.(sosamma) i loved your way of tutorial and even all stitches are very beautiful. wowww. what a great talent and a skill. by best wishes and prayer.....


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