Lakshmi Sadala

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Copy rights: Fed up

With so much hard work and enthusiasm we share many things in our blogs.
These culprits easily steals our blog  contents and earn and enjoy..shameless brutes.
How easily these people do all such an acts though I have added no right click in my blogs!!

Sometime back during my illness I found one more blog exactly like my old blog including all the pictures and text.
They just added one extra letter to my blog's name and to its header..really smart!!
To my surprise this accused blog have many followers and listed in many sites and enjoying  the traffic.
and this blog is having malware too. So I am afraid to open its pages fully to contact them..:(
Complained to DMCA but blogger is yet to respond..Earlier when same thing happened blogger acted immediately.

And many sites posting my blog contents without my permission. When I contacted them few responded and  deleted immediately and one is not responding at all. My blood is boiling..

I am not giving the links to these culprits sites thinking that it may cause unnecessary traffic to theirs which is no use to me instead they will get benefit.:(

This is one of the reason to close my old blog..these culprits really are spoil sports...

I don't mind if my works are featured but they  should give proper credits or link back to my blog posts.
I have few new stitches to show you but just postponing..:(


  1. Very sad to hear the reason for closing your old blog.
    Always be positive and you will be completely ok with your health. i will also remember u in my prayers.
    Thanks for the comment on my kutch work border. i have purchased the book thru mridulas school. U can have the details in they have course and design books for kasuti, kutch, chikankari, phulkari, kantha and other techniques also. Go thru it. U will definitely purchase their books.

    take care.

  2. sorry to read your blog has been so badly taken and someone else is claiming it is their work. Do hope the DMCA will sort it out and ban those involved from doing anything like this again.

  3. Thank you Shami,thank you MArgaret

  4. Please do not let them stop you doing something you love and sharing your beauty and beautiful creations with us.

  5. we missed all these days...Liked your new space... all the best Laxmi :)cheers

  6. It's really sickening, isn't it?We created something from scratch and people simply copying it and make money.


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