Lakshmi Sadala

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Pictures of the embroidery done on doilies which were sent by my kind blogger friend Gina from Australia..
She send many more stamped linens but could not complete them all..:(

You can see close up of the stitches here in my earlier post. For this doily I have used bullion knots, portuguese knotted stem stitch, buttonhole stitch,  bullion tipped daisy stitch and french knots

This is the second doily. For the flower I have used mogga kuttu ie fly+daisy stitch. For leaves I have used bullion tipped daisy stitch. Stem stitch and french knots are the other stitches.
 Fly stitch is for boxes and half anklet for border.
 completed second doily.

 I tried oyster stitch for flowers which is in red. But for the rest of the flowers I chose mogga kuttu. Leaves are done with oyster stitch. Stem stitch for stems.
For the boxes I selected buttonhole stitch.
French knots are done in the centre of the flowers. Stem stitch for stems.
This is the completed 3rd doily.

 For the 4th doily I have used french knots.
 I love the cute tiny leaves done with bullion tipped daisy stitch. Stem stitch is for stems.
This is the 4th doily.

If you were asked to chose your favourite which one you pick??


  1. all these doilies are very pretty, hard to choose a favourite but I think the first one wins my vote

  2. Hi Laxmi, all are neatly done, I like the second one most.

  3. Thank you Sunayana.
    Thank you Margaret..


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